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Flexer Rubbers Private Limited is manufacturer, exporter and supplier of industrial rubber products. Our various product range are as follows :-

conveyor belts manufacturers
Flexer high tenacity polyster Cord V-Belts are Manufactured incorporating the latest State of the art technology & conforming to IS : 2494 and BS : 3790. With stringent quality control at every stage of manufacturing, Flexer assures higher transmission capacity, more length stability and better shock absorbing capacity. Thus flexer V-Belts give you the highest cost benefit to your industry. V-Belts available in A,B,C,D,E sections. Wedge Belts available in section SPA. SPB,SPC,SPZ, 5V,8V, HEXAGONAL BELTS INCLUDE AA, BB & CC Sections. Vari Speed Belts both plain & Cut type include different sizes. Concial belts & rough surface belts are also in range.
Flexer Conveyor Belts are manufactured with varieties of fabrics eg. Nylon/Nylon, Polyester/Nylon, Cotton/Cotton, Cotton/Nylon. For Nylon/Nylon Belt elasticity is high, Tensile strength is high too. It resists impact and has excellent flexibility resistance and troughability. Apart from these, its elongation is small. So suitable for middle & long distance transportation of higher load & speed.

Rubber Conveyor Belt Consists of Cover Rubber & Carcass made up of skim Coated reinforcing fabric. The following figure show the Construction of Conveyor Belt :-

Range of Conveyor Belt :-
  1. Conveyor Belt upto 1400 mm
  2. Designed cleated & chequered conveyor Belt
  3. End less conveyor belt
  4. End less conveyor Belt with V-Guide mainly used by cement plants
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